We regularly buy & sell antiques, collectibles, and furniture. This allows us to know and understand the real time market value for "junk" - In which helps us give you a fair, accurate and affordable price on your junk removal needs.

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Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Service

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The Junk Juggler does more than the corporate and "toss & go" junk removal companies. They create a complete and visual route for every item or piece of furniture removed, whether it be by donating, recycling, re-purposing to sell to benefit the company, or (sometimes) trashing, The Junk Juggler knows how to handle it. This takes not only a keen eye for detail, but also an expansive knowledge far past the class of Junk Juggling 101.

The mission of every job is to recycle, donate, and relocate the contents removed at every possible opportunity. Keeping as much junk out of landfills is our top priority. The end result is to weaken the environmental impact and carbon footprint of moving and throwing away.

The Junk Juggler would be happy to donate on your behalf to many organizations such as: Big Brothers / Sisters, Goodwill, Savers, The Salvation Army, Veterans, Local Families or craft artists, and  many more local charitable organizations. Tax deductible  receipts available - Please ASK FOR ONE at completion of job.

We offer friendly & affordable, competitive rates on house hold junk & exterior debris removal in a professional and timely manner. The Junk Juggler believes in re-using, re-selling or recycling the items removed, resulting in unbeatable prices and pride!

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